June 18, 2021

A Letter to Science About the Antidote for Cancer

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The 1937 Nobel Laureate in Medication, Szent-Gyorgyi was the co-founder of the American National Structure for Cancer Study. His ‘Letter to Science’ in 1974 mentioned that the accepted criteria for looking for crucial federal government cancer research financing was counterproductive. From his political-medical scientific research point of view, the funding for a treatment for cancer was prevented because the accepted standards for substantial research was itself cancer causing in nature.

As a Hungarian resident during World war II he avoided capture by the Gestapo for holding government concepts offensive to the Fascist federal government. After the battle he decreased the political theories of Russian communism to pursue his cancer cells research in America. His letter to science used political concepts coming from the old pagan Greek atomic Scientific research for Honest Ends. The pagan concept of the 28 day moon motion reverberating emotion-forming mathematical information to the atomic metabolic process connected with the women cycle, had been taught at the Epicurean College in old Athens.

These ideas nonetheless, go beyond the constraints coming from contemporary science staying within the lawful systems of Christianity, Islam and also Judaism. We really hope that scientific research can fix the trouble and that this could be of functional future value to all 3 by supplying a remedy for cancer and presenting upon them a much more good-hearted global clinical culture.

Szent-Gyorgyi saw the ancient Greek suitable to establish a government to direct ennobling federal government for the health of the universe, in order to avoid the termination of people, as a clinical concern. It is the very opposite of the dominating global clinical thermodynamic society, which as a matter of fact requires the extinction of all life in deep space. This death cult concept of fact plainly belongs to a carcinogenic scientific state of mind.

The idea of American Democracy has aspects of the ancient Greek ethical political science. In 2017 this idea of democracy was clearly revealed to be a plutocracy: government by the rich. We can suggest that within a culture driven by thermodynamic chaos this present plutocracy may well be a common sense prerequisite for instant financial tribal survival, inspired by moral democratic worths. However, its innate scientific, cancer causing nature should eventually produce a repeat of its well recorded cyclic devastation of tribal cultures. Cancer causing science is now helping to increase this process towards a terminal state, in obedience to the dominating thermodynamic termination law.

All that is needed to evolve past that scenario is just to place the plutocratic expertise along with relevant survival antidote logic within a computer set up to generate human survival blueprint simulations. Such simulations will certainly describe brand-new technical guidelines to accrue unimaginable wealth, along with the administration standards to benefit the people. This version is in comparison to the illusory expectancies existing within a culture based upon the here and now global inflow of useless details.

This critical research study method had actually already been enacted this century, but the evident cancer cells remedy knowledge was, as Szent-Gyorgyi anticipated, entirely disregarded. In 1979 China’s most highly awarded physicist, Kun Huang, provided Australian Science-Art researchers with the approach to measure the existence of the vital force. He recommended that by utilizing Szent-Gyorgyi’s understanding of ancient Greek mathematical geometry, it ought to be feasible to create a scientific program to generate simulations demonstrating the development of seashell development and also growth via space-time.

If the simulations matched perfectly with seashells recorded within the fossil document after that the physics legislations controling the advancement of life would certainly have been discovered. During the 1980s, this experiment was efficiently performed in Australia. In 1990 the globe’s biggest technical study institute, IEEE in Washington, reprinted the discovery from released papers by Italy’s leading scientific journal, Il Nuovo Cimento. IEEE acclaimed it to be among the 20th Century’s great optical mathematical explorations, placing it alongside such names as Louis Pasteur as well as Francis Crick.

In 1995 this mathematical exploration was shifted into a physics style by the President of the Institute of Basic Research Study in America, to discover new physics regulations controling the development of life types. The prevailing thermodynamic mathematical reasoning was revealed to create futuristic distorted carcinogenic life-form simulations. Szent-Gyorgyi’s cancer cells research study observation concerning useless thermodynamic details was triggered to completely negate the Australian job to get a human survival plan. Scientists around the globe had no selection but to concur that seashells did indeed carry vital evolutionary survival info due to the fact that it was plainly written down on mechanistic seashell fossil objects. None of them recognized the easy reality, that living life-forms within the seashells had transferred that info to the expanding shell formation. Szent-Gyorgyi, who had forecasted such a ridiculous scenario had actually written a publication regarding it, entitled ‘The Crazy Ape’. The scientists rejected to enable the living process to use unlimited mathematical logic due to the fact that their obsolete non-sensible thermodynamic culture had actually already punished all life in the universe to extinction.

The Nobel Laureate’s description of a crazy ape state of mind, nevertheless, had actually defined a completely natural state of mathematical schizophrenia existing at the dawn of human being. This fact just highlights the extraordinary technical potential of humankind if a fantastic political leader bothers to encourage the generation of the human survival plans stated over. From such designs totally new modern technologies can be rapidly developed to profit the human problem.

Ancient Sumerian astrological mathematical instincts progressed from celestial activity wonderment, a fact suitable with the clinical research procedure acclaimed by Szent-Gyorgyi. From these ancient study intuitions we inherited a 7 day week of 24 hours a day, with each hr of 60 mins. Their orientation offered us a circle of 360 degrees. Both their time and directional advice systems are now made use of to check out the nature of celestial spaces universal truth. Nevertheless, while of the Sumerian people, their intuitions about the nature of infinite truth was neither mathematical nor clinical. It was based upon religious ideas belonging to argumentative gods and also sirens, one specifically was Inanna the siren of sex as well as war.

The religious non-mathematical persuasions of the Sumerians to wage war was an all-natural expression of a selection impulse to defend against their dropping target to some other tribe intent of dedicating physical violence versus them. The Sumerian astrological mathematical knowledge and also the prayer of warlike divine beings was later absorbed by the Babylonian Kingdom. Old clay tablets record the Sumerian gods from a dark void declaring ‘Let there be light’ before the development of hybrid people from clay. Their gods suggested regarding the bestowing of eternal life to keepers of the Ark during the Great Flooding. Mathematics after that came to be an unethical Babylonian instrument to terrorize the population to fight. The Babylonian clergymans established the math to be able to forecast eclipses, Inanna the goddess of sex as well as war became Ishtar the Babylonian siren of hooking and battle as well as the bestowing of immortality to the caretakers of the Ark intensified right into terrible mayhem.

This unethical use mathematics is made clear by the exploration of a baked clay tablet written by a Babylonian clergyman to his king. The message reads to the result that the gods demanded that the 673 BC lunar eclipse be used by the king to terrorize the population to guarantee that they came to be sexually nervous to progress the art of fighting to boost the power of the Babylonian Kingdom.

The 19th Century champ of American Democracy, Ralph Waldo Emerson covered the enslavement of the American people by a plutocracy that had actually inherited aspects of the unethical Babylonian legal system. He did not recognize that such a state of federal government at that time was an organic requirement for American survival amidst an international culture of warring tribes looking for to control each various other. Nevertheless, his mathematical option included brand-new innovations mentioned within old Sanskrit mathematics, which were based on a comparable scientific reasoning that Szent-Gyiogyi made use of later to obtain his cancer-free science belonging to old Greek political mathematics.

The cancer causing cycle of the devastation of future worlds battling to the fatality over which divine being, or set of mathematical regulations, supplied personal access to infinity complied with from the Babylonian social system. Szent-Gyorgyi’s summary of the clinical crazy ape with a carcinogenic way of thinking can currently be viewed as belonging to a kind of mathematical schizophrenia being an indispensable facet of a primitive tribal transformative process. The process of inefficient psychological info controling modern plutocracy has actually currently been identified by federal government selected epidemiologists as a global 3D epidemic. The mass manufacture of useless information and also interaction tools is now recognized to be causing severe damages to worldwide culture.

To better understand the nature of this global inefficient information epidemic it can be seen to be similar to the use of maths set within a poker machine, utilizing noise and also colour vibrations to bring about a heroin-like dependency. This compulsion is created to bring about a state of ethical and monetary personal bankruptcy. The underhanded use mathematical adjustment entailing imaginary psychological expectancy, mirrors the international stock-market exhilaration. That game is predestined eventually to cause financial collapses for the benefit of the gamers running international plutocratic fights of wits. Nonstop artistic colour advertising and marketing instills an insignificant sense of excitement to the masses referred to in regards to market confidence.

This international financial existence is ultimately spent for by massive casualties on battlefields, with individuals defending the right of some divine being or honour philosophy to grant both sufferers and also survivors some useful accessibility to infinite realty. The mathematician, Plato, classified the linked artistic rhetoric, pomp and also ceremony involved in such a form of federal government, as unethical art, lacking a considerable spiritual objective.

The thinker, Immanuel Kant, looked into the difference between Plato’s meaning of underhanded art and human survival artistic wisdom to establish the moral basis of the electromagnetic Golden Age of Danish Science. The philosopher of scientific research, Emmanuel Levinas, concurred with Kant’s conclusion that the missing imaginative spiritual part within Plato’s condemnation of art, was an asymmetrical electro-magnetic inner-vision existing within the innovative artistic mind. The pertinent asymmetrical electromagnetic potential modern technology belonging to that idea was forecasted by the developer of the rotating electrical commercial electric motor, Charles Proteus Steinmetz. He in fact created, especially stating, that such a spiritual electro-magnetic motor innovation would be much better that the modern technology connected with the here and now physical electro-magnetic one.

In 2010 the Australian seashell life force discovery concepts were integrated with quantum biology by the Division of Medicinal Chemistry at the Italian College of Pavia. In organization with Quantum Art International based in Italy they jointly worked together to study for an antidote to the international dysfunctional epidemic. They were aware that Isaac Newton within his long forgotten, but nevertheless released, 28th Question Discussions, insisted that ancient Greek scientific research taken into consideration that gravity was not caused by the performance of a mechanistic universe. Newton created that the mass of items precede was not the very first reason of gravitational force as modern-day quantum auto mechanics had falsely pretended otherwise.

Although the formerly discussed living transformative seashell maths had actually been tape-recorded on mechanical seashell items, modern-day quantum mechanical scientific research was not able to reason concerning the vital living information being transferred to the covering by the living creature within it. The Italian-Australian team, free to reason or else, began to look into how quantum auto mechanics required to be finished by linking it with living information. In 2016 they attained their objective. Their Science-Art antidote discovery was granted an international Initial Reward at the XX International Exhibition & Competitors of Contemporary Art, Central House of Artists, Moscow. The Globe Fund for Arts, Federal Government of Moscow, Artist Union of Russia and also the European Art Union sponsored this competitors.

Current DNA explorations have actually permitted us to take into consideration that human beings currently belong to one varieties. In that case, the prevailing carcinogenic thermodynamic scientific culture, which demands human extinction, illustrates the human types as experiencing some kind of scientific carcinogenic neurological disorder. That echoes the final thought that the best mathematician in background, Georg Cantor, whose work maintains the majority of modern-day science made. He created that the modern clinical mind was suffering from a short-sighted concern of infinity, as alluded to by Waldo Emerson and also Szent Gyorgyi.

The author of ‘The Crazy Ape’ held that there is a link in between molecular electromagnetic processes as well as fundamental elements of cancer cells growth and growth. The researcher, David Hilbert, working with Albert Einstein on mathematical research study embracing that field of knowledge, totally sustained Cantor’s monitoring that an ignorance of limitless mathematical truth controlled the modern-day scientific mind. With the help of a number of other terrific thinkers of science, it was easy to uncover the remedy to bring clinical study right into a far greater perspective than one consumed with human termination. Extremely noteworthy scientists around the world hailed the remedy discovery as being a significant historic achievement of the 21st Century.

During 2016 the Australian Head Of State, the Governor General, the Preacher for Art and also Communications, the Leader of the Opposition and also numerous legislators received copies of the prize-winning antidote documents. On November 15, 2016, the Division of the Preacher for the Arts as well as Interaction suggested that the Australian Government’s principle arts moneying body makes decisions on give applications at arm’s length from Federal government, via a process of peer analysis.

It is not logical to use peer analysis concerning an internationally accepted distinct crucial exploration of vital government value. The cancer cells remedy file was rejected in a manner that Szent-Gyorgyi had extremely clearly referred to as coming from a disadvantageous cancer research study methodology. Not one senior Australian politician chose to enable any chance for critical assessment of this research for the improvement of the international human problem.

To compound this not logical way of assuming the Macquarie College in Sydney, acting upon behalf of the Republic Ceramics Board, scheduled a phone meeting which would certainly have had to do with the antidote situation. The University sent by mail generous protocol instructions to direct the discussion, which were inevitably disadvantageous to the remedy thesis. For that reason, the non-sensible proposition associated with the Australian Visual Arts Board was disregarded out of hand.

The money grubbing dishonest plutocratic nature of Australian politics came to be apparent throughout the writing of this letter to scientific research. The resignation of the Preacher for Wellness concerning the abuse of pubic cash for individual gratification made front page newspaper headlines. This was followed by more front web page headlines, in which comparable ‘abuses of funds’ detractions were connected with various other senior Australian political leaders. The plutocracy; federal government by the affluent, can be thought about scientifically unfit to respect the wellness as well as wellbeing of autonomous government and also explains why its appointed epidemiologists are not able to locate an antidote to the prevailing 3D inefficient info epidemic.