June 18, 2021

Astronomy Science Fair Projects That Are Out of This Universe

Astronomy science fair projects are great for students who are interested in the solar system, stars, planets and the universe. There are so many unexplained mysteries in the universe that it is always fun to try find out new information.

Kids are often fascinated by stars and planets, so this would likely be a fun category for them. There are many astronomy projects available, such as the classic solar system model, which can be fun for kids to do. The one problem with this particular project with the models is that it has been done many, many times, so it’s not very original and may not get the best grades.
Students should pick a topic that interests them and then go from there. Some suggestions for astronomy projects are understanding and identifying black holes, making their own sun dial, finding out how comets are formed, or what makes star twinkle.

You could also research and present the different phases of the moon, explain how the tilt of the Earth works, find out how to calculate the distance of the sun and the moon from the Earth by understanding eclipses, or how to build a homemade magnetometer to study how the Earth’s magnetic fields are affected by solar storms. There are endless possibilities; it’s simply a matter of picking a topic that your students would like to learn more about, and then researching and presenting their findings. Dividing the students up into groups and allowing them to do their own experiment within clear guidelines can also be exciting and fun for them.